Secrets of Shellac

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Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of CND Shellac power polish! No it’s NOT a gel. It is simply a formulation that works with UV rays to cure the polish. Allowing it to last up to 14 days without chipping. The best part is the polish is completely dry when you are finished!

All “Shellac” polishes are NOT created equal! There are some brands that do use a small amount of gel, which is heavy and makes the polish more difficult to remove. This can cause damage to the nail bed.

Shellac Myths/Facts

  • “The UV light causes cancer”- Ok so yes there is a very small amount of UV rays put off by the light…36 watts to be exact. However this is such a small amount that is not anymore UV rays than you would get while driving in your car. A good compromise is put a little SPF on the tops of your hands before you have your manicure!
  • “The polish damages your nails”- Remember I said all brands are not created equal….well this is why. ┬áCND Shellac does not have any actual gel in the product. Making it a breeze to remove! The removal process can damage your nails if not done properly.
    • 1. DO NOT peel the polish from your nails
    • 2. Make sure your nail tech uses CND Shellac Nourishing Remover (acetone tends to be too drying)
    • 3. Make sure to not over buff your nails….this can cause unnecessary thinning of the nail.

Did you know…..

  • You should use a good cuticle oil every night before you go to bed. The oil will penetrate deeper than any cream will and will keep your natural nail nice and hydrated.
  • You can layer different colors of Shellac to make your own personalized color! For instance you could layer Satin Pajamas with Gold VIP over it. This makes a beautiful natural color with just a hint of shimmer! Ask your nail technician for other layering ideas.

Shellac is a wonderful product to hit the nail spa industry and has taken manicures to a whole new level. There is zero need to have heavy acrylics anymore. If you take care of your nails in between visits your nails will be in the best shape ever. Enjoy!

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