Fun Gift Giving Ideas

By now you are in full swing of Holiday shopping and getting ready to give those gifts to all your friends and loved ones. We have some fun “Gift Giving” ideas to spice up the routine of giving gifts. The economy crash has forced us to bring some things back to basics. Which in my opinion is not too shabby. We have tapped into our inner creativity and have brought the term “do it yourself”/DIY to a whole new level! Here are a few inexpensive ideas to enhance that already perfect gift….

1. One of the best/most inexpensive ideas is saving your paper bags from the grocery store and using as wrapping paper. Just cut to size and flip over to plain side and wrap. The best part is you can find anything around the house to embellish the wrap.

  • Pine cones
  • Lace or Paper doilies
  • Buttons
  • String or Ribbon

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2. Used toilet paper rolls make great small gift packaging! Who would have thought right? Just fold one end of roll half and half, place gift inside and the fold other end. Then get creative with paint, ribbon or stamps to embellish your gift.

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3. Use old maps to wrap your gifts. This is a great inexpensive way to make a good gift great! You wont need much embellishment with this one. Let the map speak for itself. Maybe even use a map of that person’s home town or favorite vacation spot.



4. Here is an interesting one….Use an old sweater as fabric to wrap or as an embellishment. You can also use the sleeve of the sweater as a wine sweater if your giving bottles as gifts (this requires minimal sewing).



Happy gift giving! May you have a cheerful Holiday Season!