Fun Summer Buns (hair buns that is..) By:Allison


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Hey ladies! When you think of putting your hair up in a bun, it doesn’t always have to look like you were being lazy and just wanting your hair out of your face. Trust me, it is HOT out there and a lot of women, including me, want our hair up and off our neck and back to help cool off. I’m here to discuss and give a few tips that will help you put your hair up in a bun that doesn’t look “lazy.” Actually, a bun can mean quite the contrary to looking lazy. Buns are absolutely classic! With the right touch and products there are many different ways to achieve the bun you are looking for. To name a few, there is the classic “sock bun,” boho “messy” bun, low and clean bun, or a high knot bun! There are hundreds of ways to wear your hair in a bun, but we’ll just chat about a few right now. First, every girl wants, or has tried the sock bun. It’s not as hard as it looks, I promise! An easy way to do this at home, is take a knee high sock similar to your hair color, cut off the toe section and roll into a doughnut shape. Put your hair in a high pony tail, tie with a rubber band, pull up your hair to a tip with one hand and with the other, put the sock around your hair to about the mid-shaft of your ponytail. Now, wrap the top half around all sides of the sock and start to roll and work the sock down your hair close to your head. Usually, it stays tight but sometimes a couple bobby pins to secure it. Bam! A pretty new hairstyle that you can do right at home that costs nothing! Another way I like to dress up an average bun is with a face framing braid or twist! Also, I have learned that curling your hair before putting it in a bun is a fun way to let pieces fall whimsically around your face and it’s a really beautiful way to lighten up the bun. Usually, only some hairspray, hair-tie, and bobby pins will be the only things you’ll need! Long hair, short hair, any hair! A bun is a perfect solution to getting your hair up and away from your face, but still look flawlessly beautiful at the same time! XO- Allison


Classic Bun Style

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Low Boho Side Bun


High Top Boho Bun