Tame the “Frizzies” By Kimberly

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Keeping frizz under control can be a challenge this time of year, particularly because of the climate we live in. As we all know, humidity is a major culprit in creating a “frizz- fest”, so to speak. The underlying reason for this is your hair is lacking moisture and will seek to find it in the air. When there is lots of moisture in the air (aka it’s humid), the dehydrated hair reaches out for it, thus creating the crazy fly-away frizz we all dread. Curly hair is especially prone to dehydration, in turn making it more prone to frizz. Therefore, our first line of defense against “frizzies” should be hydration – maintaining healthy, supple hair. There are a few tricks to apply here: If you have hair that is dehydrated or damaged, please do not wash it every day! If you have an oily scalp, it is ok to wet it down in the shower and work fingertips through to the scalp as if you were shampooing, minus the shampoo and then put some conditioner through the mid-shaft and ends. Once your scalp gets adjusted to not being shampooed every day, it will become less oily in response.

It is imperative to use professional products on the hair as well, since most cheaper brands have detergents that can be harsh and drying and some have wax, which coats the hair making it feel temporarily moisturized, but it’s effects on the hair are similar to that of waxing a car – it prevents moisture from getting to the hair, exacerbating the problem of dehydration. Bumble and Bumble makes a luscious treatment line called “Quenching” which is made specifically for “the terribly thirsty”. What you follow with for styling depends on what look you’re after. If you are a curly girl who wants to embrace your natural texture, Bumble’s Curl Conscious Creme is great for taming and defining curl. If you are after the sleek look, and are heat styling to get it, Bumble’s Strait Blow Dry might be your product. If you are creating some beachy waves that just need some definition, one of my faves for that is Bumble’s Grooming Creme. We also offer the Agave Smoothing Treatment at Groove Jet, which is an in-salon service that can help control and relax unruly hair. We hope that you enjoy the summer, and not miss a beat because of frizzy hair!

How to Get the Perfect Bronze Glow By Christie

imagesHow to Get the Perfect Bronze Glow

The temperature is rapidly warming up and our hemlines are getting shorter meaning one thing…we want to have that perfect bronze glow.  No one wants to hit the beach with pasty skin, and we all know it’s not safe to fry in the sun.  Exfoliating is the first step in getting that perfect sunless tan glow.  Get rid of dull, dry winter skin by using an exfoliating body wash, and make sure you perform all hair removal prior to application to ensure a streak-free finish.  Next, apply a light moisturizer to ankles, wrists, elbows, knees and in between fingers to guarantee these naturally drier parts won’t darken too much.  Whether you apply an over-the-counter sunless tanning lotion or go to a salon for application, there are ways you can extend the life of your beautiful golden tan.  Do not come in contact with water for at least eight hours after a spray tan; this allows the bronzed color to set in.  And remember that chlorine and salt water can cause a spray tan to fade more quickly.  To make your color last, avoid shaving or exfoliating after application and apply moisturizer daily to keep skin hydrated.  Depending on your skin type and the product you use, your tan should last anywhere from 3-7 days.  Here at Groove Jet Salon + Spa we offer Fake Bake Spray Tan applications in addition to products that can give you a fresh-from-the-beach look in just minutes.  This temporary, natural-looking spray tan works well on legs, arms, face, and anywhere you need a little color.  For touch-ups in between salon visits we offer Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self-Tan.  It’s the perfect accessory to keep your tan looking its best.  It’s now easy, quick and safe to look as radiantly bronze as Malibu Barbie!

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