Get that beach look without leaving the comfort of your home


Don’t we all kinda long for that beautiful beach wave that the Victorias Secret models boast in the swim isssue?  The look screams summertime and appears carefree yet stylish.

Thanks to Bumble and bumble’s Surf line you do not need to even leave the comfort of your home or your pj’s for this ocean swept look.

What you will need:

  • Bumble & bumble Surf Foam wash shampoo
  • Bumble & bumble Surf creme rinse conditioner
  • Bumble & bumble Surf spray
  • Hairdryer






Step One:

Shampoo and Condition hair with Surf shampoo and conditioner

Step Two:

Towel dry damp hair

Step Three:

Liberally spray Surf spray through out your locks

Step Four:

Part your hair down the center and create four sections of hair.  Twist each section clockwise and pin each section to secure.

Step Five:

Unpin one section at a time and continuously rotate hair while blow drying.

The Straight Razor, A Minute to Learn, and a Lifetime to Master

Straight Razors aren’t just for Barbers anymore…

Straight RazorGone are the days Barbers were the only ones having fun and creating custom looks for their guests.

Straight Razor Shave



I recently returned from a trip to Bumble and bumble. University, a house created to share techniques, ideas, and inspiration.  Bb.U’s classes have been designed by hairdressers for hairdressers and has been called the Harvard of Hair Education.  I spent two intense days studying the art of a cut using solely my Straight Razor, great products, and my creative eye.


Long time Bb. Stylists Coco, William, and Keri were my class’ lead instructors and I had the absolute pleasure of working closely in 18 year Bumble and bumble. Veteran Coco’s group!  Coco is completely amusing and claims she comes with a warning label… she pushes you hard!  Luckily, I made it out alive as she left me inspired with her encouraging words and no tears were shed! 🙂

During Day 1 we focused on Long Layers cut.  This look is simple organic, creates movement in the perimeter while creating interest by varying lengths around the face.  Long Layers works best on lengths below the shoulders or longer.  I love the look of a long layers cut, it brings an open airiness to blah long hair! Below are reference shots followed by a photo of my model.

sb_LONG_Edythe_01_127x173 sb_LONG_Yana_01_127x173sb_LONG_Veronika_01_127x173sb_LONG_Ulla_04_127x173



















Day 2 was devoted to my always favorite The Bob.  The razor Bob is a fundamental cut characterized by its versatility, balance and the unique effect the razor produces.  It offers a multitude of looks and variations.  My rule of thumb is you can never go wrong with a bob, forever classic and always chic… who wouldn’t want one!  Below are reference shots followed by a photo of my model.




















This trip will have been my fifth visit and somehow I still get that good warm butterfly in my stomach every time, pretty much that feeling you get with a new crush.  Bb. University has a way of leaving me with a lasting impression and a new lesson in life/hairdressing.  This time my lesson wasn’t just about hairdressing or razor cuts but about trusting yourself.  Coco sat me down during our final evaluations and said “You got it! Trust yourself and exude you, you’re ready so go for it”.  Since hearing her words I have been thinking, how many of us out there are timid to show all of whats inside us?  Whether its a new cut and style, bold lipstick, clear outlook, a louder voice, or just a fresh attitude… what is holding you back from showing your true self?  If a Razor cut is what you need to feel more you, then come see me for a complimentary consultation so I can help you shine!  Until next time toodle-loo Readers!

Yours in style <3,