Want instant change? Just add bangs!

Some may say that I am a thrill seeker. I have had my hair dyed every color of the rainbow. Short hair, long hair, even a mullet, I can say I have had it all and all I really wanted was a little variety to my hair style.

We all need change from time to time. I have discovered that when looking for a change sometimes bangs is all you need to spice up your hair style.

So here is the deal with bangs they can accent your face, make you look younger, and my favorite, hide lines on your forehead! Bangs are not the cure all and are not for everyone but here are some helpful hints if you are seeking a change.

Consider the shape of things. Face shape plays an important role in bangs. Bangs work well on long, oval faces. Bangs tend to work better with wavy or straight hair.

One size does not fit all. There are so many types of bangs to choose from. From super short bangs for an edgy look, to long less committed bangs, be sure to consult with your stylist for the best recomendations.

Leave it to the pros. Just because you saw it on pintrest doesn’t mean it is a DIY project. Always leave the cutting up to your hairstylist.